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Headaches & Migraines 

Headaches come in many different forms and may be caused by a variety of factors. Diet, stress, sleeping patterns, alcohol and caffeine consumption have been known to trigger the onset of a headache. The most common types of headaches include:



  • Tension Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Post-Traumatic Headaches
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Hormone Related Headaches
  • Disease Related Headaches

Regular bodywork is a particularly effective treatment for tension headaches, which often result from stress. The experience of receiving bodywork leads you to a state of deep relaxation and loosens the grip of stressors. As the body relaxes, so does the mind, reducing anxiety, calming the nervous system, slowing the breath, and restoring your sense of wellbeing. The treatment helps to increase awareness of tension patterns that affect your posture, supporting the realignment of your body and reducing posture-related headaches. Injuries to the neck caused by trauma or overuse often result in strained muscle tissue and accumulation of restrictive scar tissue. Bodywork promotes healing and breaks up these adhesions, making the muscles, fascia and ligaments of the neck more pliable, and reducing associated head pain. For sufferers of debilitating migraine headaches, receiving regular bodywork sessions can be a powerful preventive measure. As accumulated physical and mental stress dissolves over time, the frequency and intensity of migraines is reduced.

Self Treatment Techniques:

Like all pain, headaches and migraines reflect an imbalance in the body's systems. Hence, it becomes essential to bring awareness to one's whole body by evaluating dietary patterns, genetic predispositions, sleep habits, stress levels and other lifestyle components, such as physical activity, emotional responses, and overall sense of wellbeing.


Your body is a unique entity, thus your treatment should be tailored specifically to your needs. You should always seek the advice of your health care practitioner to guide you along the path of optimal wellness.


The following techniques can help treat and prevent tension or stress related headaches:


  • Apply peppermint oil to your temples and the base of your skull.

  • Incorporate gentle stretching techniques with deep breathing.

  • Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

  • Know your body, know your triggers!

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