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Expansive July

With the extended hours of sunlight and the consistent warmth of July, we are at the apex of our expansion. This is the most yang time of year. Following nature’s flow, we attain greater health and balance by staying in tune with the season and relaxing into the heat. We can invite more fresh, raw veggies from our gardens into our diet. We can allow the warm sun rays to melt away excess tension in our bodies. In the cooler morning and evening hours we can easily engage in outdoor activity, moving in ways that elicit an inner smile, elevating our heart rate, and welcoming cleansing perspiration. We can swim in Michigan’s clean water, surrounded by nature. We can lay down on the earth and absorb the warmth and healing energies into our beings. We tend to be more active during these beautiful, long, summer days; I invite you to also be more present, absorbing all the beauty around you with an open heart.

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