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Trager with Eileen Dickinson

My session with Eileen Dickinson was spacious. Her smiling presence is open, calming, and accepting. She seems to see all of me and she was very present from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. According to Jo Larson of True Healing Touch, “Trager is a form of healing bodywork that involves blissful rocking and soft, playful bouncing of limbs and muscles, all done in state of relaxation that is so deep and profound that nearly half of people experiencing it immediately go into a light, healing trance state.” I did float into and around a healing trance state throughout my session with Eileen. Receiving in blissful silence, I found the rhythm of the session fascinating. It felt like Eileen was a gifted musician, playing the joints, sinews, muscles, and fascia of my body in a beautiful symphony of sound and stillness.

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