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Testimonials for Kaizen Healing Arts

Testimonials for Kelly's Bodywork Sessions


"I've been getting Thai massages from Kelly for about two years. Her work has taught my body a lot about relaxing and accepting. The work is both gentle and intense, and has eased various aches and pains from my body. I look forward to each session with Kelly, as I come away feeling relaxed as well as energized. I am definitely more flexible and looser." - Janet


"The best therapist I ever had. She mixes professionalism and humanism. She worked with me step by step and I feel my energy is back in balance whenever I leave the session - two thumbs up!" - Amal


"I have done both Thai massage and full body with Kelly. I always leave feeling like a new person. This is baffling to me because I have done several different types of massage including Rolfing, sports, relaxation and deep tissue with other therapists to name a few and I can't quite place which type Kelly uses. Her adept and unassuming way of using maybe all of them combined with energy work specific to my needs has everything to do with why I will return to Kelly over and over. I always leave with the feeling of balance, release, alignment and relaxation. A hard combination to get in one massage!!! Thanks Kelly!" 

- Melissa


"Kelly's quiet nature is integral to her sessions. Her touch is gentle and confident. Her calm demeanor and adept use of both skill and intuition lead you into deep relaxation. After each session if have felt balanced and my body's tight spots had dissolved. I highly recommend her. - Cynthia


"This is an enthusiastic endorsement of the massage and body work skills of Kelly Kempter. A year ago I was in a very stressful situation when my husband lost his job. Kelly and a friend donated an hour of Kelly's massage and bodywork to help me through this tough time. I have experienced professional massages over the years both here in Ann Arbor and in San Francisco and in all honesty, the massage I received from Kelly was the best I have ever experienced. Occasionally a massage will trigger a migraine headache but Kelly's techniques gave me the muscular relief that I needed whilst avoiding the points that can cause the headaches. She was sensitive to me in a holistic way and made sure I was comfortable throughout the massage. If ever I'm asked for a referral for a masseuse, I always recommend Kelly." - Deb


Testimonials for Kelly's Teaching


"Kelly Kempter has been an inspiration for me as a massage therapist. Her skill and style are amazing and I was honored when she agreed to take me on as a student. She teaches with the same grace and patience that she brings to her bodywork practice and she does it in a way that feels very grounded in common sense. Kelly is gifted at explaining things from different perspectives to ensure an understanding of the material.  She has a very hands-on approach, which allows you to feel in your own body what you’re learning to do for others. I’m confident in the development of my own skills as a body worker with Kelly’s support and guidance." - Kristen (Apprentice)


"If you are seeking a one on one, unique, wisdom filled experience of learning Thai and Shiatsu hands on bodywork and energy work, Kelly Kempter is an exceptional teacher to learn from. She artfully crafts each session to the individual practitioner and her bodywork expertise and needs. Kelly teaches the art of being present and listening, while using Thai and Shiatsu to access and address issues and items that need to be streamlined within her clients' bodies. Her lessons are with me throughout my practice with individual clients. I can hear her voice asking me if what I am doing is beneficial to me and my body, and, cueing me to take a break and utilize one of our hands-free techniques. " - Emily (Apprentice)


"I highly recommend Kelly for anyone interested in Thai massage or yoga. She is patient, kind and knowledgeable. She has the right balance when it comes to pacing the class and also helping those who need it. She senses if you need adjustment or advice in a particular pose. She has a very calm demeanor and soothing voice to guide you through the class. I felt very comfortable around her as she led us through various exercises such as walking meditation, Thai massage and partner yoga. I left a retreat led by her feeling renewed. I would definitely take more classes with her and think she is a very gifted teacher." - Sheri (Thai Massage and Partner Yoga Retreat Participant)

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