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One on One Learning Opportunities

Study Thai massage and Shiatsu with Kaizen Healing Arts

Tutoring Sessions


Tutorials in Thai massage and Shiatsu are offered on a session by session basis to those who have some experience giving bodywork and who want deepen their practice. These sessions can focus on learning new technique, brushing up on old skills, creating or polishing a flowing sequence, working within physical limitations (e.g. injury), focusing on a specific goal or theme (e.g. flow, points, stretching, body mechanics), or studying theory.  Tutorials, which can be private, or semi-private (2-4 students), do not require an ongoing commitment and allow students the flexibility to learn and explore on an as needed basis.



Kaizen Healing Arts offers private and semi-private tutoring sessions and ongoing apprenticeships in Thai massage and Shiatsu for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. As a teacher, Kelly draws on more than ten years of training, practice, exploration and knowledge to communicate in a clear, thoughtful and nurturing style. Kelly has an ability to listen deeply, see where improvement is needed, hone in on specifics and gently guide students to discover their own inner teacher.



Contact Kaizen Healing Arts to discuss the right option for you.



Ongoing apprenticeships in Thai massage and Shiatsu are offered to the serious student who wants to delve more deeply into the subtleties of the practice. Through her own study Kelly has found that an ongoing apprenticeship in bodywork can be a deeply personal and transformative learning experience. At Kaizen Healing Arts, apprenticeships can be private or semi-private (2-4 students) and require a six month minimum commitment. This provides students with an in depth personalized learning environment in order to profoundly embody this healing art form. 



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