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Study Bodywork with Kaizen Healing Arts

One on One Learning Opportunities


Through Kaizen Healing Arts, Kelly offers unique opportunities to study Thai massage and Shiatsu in an intimate setting, enabling students to receive individualized lessons geared towards your personal goals. Tutorials and ongoing apprenticeships in bodywork, both done on a private or semi-private basis provide students with a framework for deepening their practice.  


Classes for Parents/Guardians and Their Children


Kaizen Healing Arts offers private and semi-private classes for parents/guardians and their children. Together, let’s nurture our society’s youngest and most precious members though therapeutic touch!


Learning in Groups


Through Sacred Breath Healing Studies, Kelly and business partner,  Tatianah Thunberg of Spirit Moves, offer monthly "A Touch of Thai Massage" playshops for those new to the practice (no experience necessary) as well as more seasoned practitioners.  We design a new theme each month and delve into the practice with meditation, movement to warm the body, and a 35 minute Thai massage trade. We create a fun, innovative sequence within our monthly theme and post the flow on YouTube so that you can practice at home. In addition to our monthly playshop, Sacred Breath Healing Studies offers Partner Yoga and Thai massage restorative retreats twice a year at Song of the Morning, in Vanderbilt, MI. 


Each month, Sacred Breath Healing Studies creates a YouTube video for our students. We guide you through the most recent sequence so that you have a reference to use for home practice. Here is the video from our October 2014 "A Touch of Thai Massage" playshop:



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