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Remembering Ajahn Pichest

Last week a beloved member of the Thai Massage community passed away. Pichest Boonthumme was a true master of the art of Thai bodywork. I studied with him for two weeks outside of Chiang Mai and was awed by his approach. What he really taught was Buddha Dhamma through Thai massage. Each morning, we would perform Wai Khru by making offerings, paying respects and honoring our teachers and parents and the lineage, chanting and bowing. Then Pichest would give an animated dhamma talk that poked fun at the way humans, especially westerners approach life and the suffering that causes. He gave guidelines on how to live and had so many sayings that still make me smile. Here are a few:

"From the heart.. Easy ! From the mind.. Difficult ! "

"Body problem. Body also answer."

"Too much backpack."

"Under-stand but no understand"

“Do not follow world, world crazy”

"Technique no feel!"

Rest in peace, Teacher. You are remembered and honored.

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