• Kelly Kempter

Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon

Today, June 20th is the most expansive day of year. There is more daylight today in the Northern hemisphere than any other day of the year. This year is special because the summer solstice and the Strawberry moon (June's full moon) overlap. These two events only collide every 70 years; a once in a lifetime special day!

As summer the solstice approaches and the daylight lengthens we can both expand our activities and relax into the heat in order to engage more fully with the season. During these warm months I take time to stroll through my garden, pulling a weed here and there, clipping flowers to bring indoors, or watering thirsty seedlings. I also invite more activity into my life: longer walks in the cool woods, kayaking on the Huron river, biking, tai chi and yoga outside, dancing, and my summertime favorite: swimming in Michigan lakes. After being active I often lie down on the earth and absorb the warmth from above and below, allowing my energies to replenish. These easy warm months present increased opportunities to share more time with friends and family, connecting in a relaxed and engaging way. I relish these days with all my heart. Happy solstice to all!

To learn more about the spiritual significance of this event visit: http://foreverconscious.com/spiritual-significance-june-solstice-2016

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