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Earth: Abundant Harvest

We are entering the Earth phase of the year: late summer. As the tomatoes ripen and the days begin to shorten, we witness leaves of gold and even occasionally scarlet. This is the season of the abundant harvest, where fruit can quickly ripen on the vine, emitting a powerfully sweet full scent. This abundance surrounds us and penetrates our beings. We bask in the sun and can easily be more active and engaged. We take time on vacation with friends and family, nourishing our sense of community. Yet, August seems to be the shortest month of the year as we witness a tug; that bittersweet ache of summer slipping away. By bringing our awareness to the impermanence of all things, staying grounded in the present moment, and following our inner guidance with regard to rest, nourishment and activity, we can find physical strength and deep peace in the midst of the late summer transition.

Photo Credit: Erika Kempter of Nature and Nurture Seeds

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