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Myofascial Meridians

In coming to understand the tensegrity model in the human body, I see the body more and more, as an intelligent miracle of architecture and nature. I learned new ways of looking at the body through practicing body reading and feel more confident in analyzing the body through movement rather than stillness. On your next visit, don't be surprised if I ask you to walk so that I can learn more about your patterns from your gait. After all, we are functioning beings, meant to move.

On a personal level, although I've known for some time that we all carry patterns of imbalance within us, it was reaffirming and somehow freeing to fully integrate this idea. The question isn't, "What's wrong with this body?" but rather, "Look at all the beautiful things that are right in this body!" As we focus on the amazing processes that are working well for our bodies, we can slowly release those patterns which no longer serve us.

Familiarizing myself with the myofascial lines, I discovered a convergence with some of the Chinese meridians that I use heavily in my practice. My curiosity has been sufficiently sparked in this area and I would like to delve further into studying this important work.

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