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Kouyate Healing Arts

My session with Julie Jaffray Kouyate was blissful. For me, a bodywork session is not just about the session itself; many other details make their way into the whole experience, from the booking process to the décor, from the pre-session discussion, to the final goodbye and follow-up. From the start, Julie’s warm smile and bright eyes were welcoming and open. Her space is painted in rich hues that make you feel like you are receiving a hug when you enter. Julie is a master of intuition and pressure; her nurturing presence is calming and comforting. My session was a 90 minute massage with oil and Julie used her intuition to find the tissues that needed ungluing and stayed there until my tissues melted under her pressure. At times the pressure was very deep and I needed to take long breaths to assist Julie in her work. When she began to work on a new area, she approached with a light touch and gently made her way deeper only if needed. I was able to stay present in my blissful state, breathing in the positive transformation occurring in my body and exhaling that which no longer serves me. I left in a floating, yet grounded state. To schedule your own session, visit Kouyate Healing Arts.

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