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One Touch. One Life.

I am proud to announce that I recently received my certification from the Ohashi Institute. This journey began in 2010 when I began studying Shiatsu with local practitioner Frances Farmer. I fell in love, not only with the techniques, but with the Ohashi philosophy and vowed to embody this system. After studying with Frances for several years and then with Ohashi in 2015, I decided I was ready to take the final examination: giving a full session to Ohashi. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Ohashi manor for my exam. Coming from our cabin in the Berkshires, my husband and I were greeted warmly at the door by Ohashi. The setting couldn't have been more perfect; a spacious layout, with simplicity and warmth, floor to ceiling windows overlooking old trees and rolling terrain. We has a lovely time chatting and having tea with Ohashi, his wife Bonnie, and son Kazu. As expected, I was nervous to give a session to a master, but once the session began, I found my flow and relaxed into the realm of feeling and being present with another human. Afterwards, Ohashi gave me insightful feedback and presented me with my certificate, a scarf, and his original calligraphic art, stamped and matted. The elegant Japanese characters can be translated as: "One small touch represents your entire life."

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