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Six Month Apprenticeship Program

Recently, I began offering a new six month apprenticeship program. I am honored to work closely with several dedicated bodyworkers in an ongoing mentorship. Teaching in this way is rewarding for me on a number of levels. In the past, I have been a mentee under Shiatsu therapist, Frances Farmer, and Abby Humphrey, Acupuncturist, and I found this to be a powerful and unique way of learning and integrating new concepts and skills. Working one-on-one allows for maximum individual growth because a mentor can meet students where they are, assess what would be most beneficial for them to learn next, design a teaching plan accordingly, and guide them through this growth. Transferring knowledge in this way reflects the way learning has been done through the ages, without bureaucracy and hoop jumping, directly from teacher to student. In my program, we meet monthly for three hours, which allows for time to practice and integrate techniques and time to ponder concepts. I spend significant time planning lessons and remain available to my students throughout or commitment and beyond. I’m able to guide them in bodywork techniques, in business planning, and in supporting their bodywork practice with self care and/or spiritual practice. I may open up my current apprenticeship program to other students as time goes on, so please contact me if you are interested. This is my favorite way of teaching and I find it extraordinarily fulfilling.

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