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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

I want to share the extra precautions I’m taking due to the presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. At this time, I will continue to see clients and hope to work together to spread calm and health for all. I feel that bodywork is very effective at boosting immune function by reducing the negative effects of stress and an overloaded nervous system. By nature, bodywork involves close contact so I understand that you may feel concerned about receiving bodywork. Here are things we can both do to support our health and the health of our community members:

  • If I am feeling sick, I will cancel.

  • If you are feeling sick with symptoms of dry cough, fever and fatigue, please cancel and rest well. 

  • If you are not comfortable coming in for your session, please just let me know.

  • Whether you are sick or not, the cancellation fee will be waived. Please try to cancel as far in advance as possible so others can come in for treatment.

  • If you want me to avoid working on your head, face, neck or hands, please let me know.

  • Use prolonged (20 seconds or more) and frequent hand washing procedures.

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 

  • Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. 

  • Stay informed via the Washtenaw County, CDC, and  World Health Organization websites.

Here are extra precautions I’m taking to ensure a clean office environment:

  • As usual, linens will only be used once and will be washed using sanitary mode. 

  • I will sanitize pens, door handles, chairs and other furniture. 

  • Regular cleaning (vacuuming, dusting) will increase in frequency.

Since the situation is changing daily, I am watching things closely and aim to stay in communication with you to keep you informed and feeling comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with me. As always, your health is my priority and I hope we can walk through this storm together with presence, calm and compassion.

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