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Happy Eating

March is National Nutrition Month. What does good nutrition mean to you? To me, it means eating as close to the earth as possible, in sync with the seasons, respectful of nature, in alignment with the inner workings of my own body, mindfully and gratefully. Today one must make a great effort to eat in this way. Our culture is geared towards fast sugary foods and even the health food culture has been over taken by the processed food industry and big business. While I aim to eat healthily and mindfully all year round, each Spring I engage in a cleanse, allowing my digestive system to rest, my liver and kidneys to clear, and my whole being to reset and renew. The spring season is an ideal time for cleansing body, mind, home and soul as we release the heaviness of winter and prepare for more activity and engagement that goes along with warmer weather. Happy Eating! Happy Cleansing! Happy Spring!

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