• Kelly Kempter


Gratitude is like grace. The more we give thanks, the more we receive. When we focus on our problems, our pain, our struggles, we give them our energy. This added energy seems to make them bigger, giving them more power over us. One way to reclaim our power is through gratitude. Focusing on the miracle of life as it expresses itself in our living bodies, we tune into our breathing, our heartbeat, the sensations of movement in our bodies. These moment to moment changes taking place in us is a reflection of the pulse of the entire universe.

Each morning, before you get out of bed, take a few moments to breathe deeply and think of some things that you are grateful for. Simplicity is powerful. The ability to wake up, this bed, this pillow, the heat of my home, hot running water, the ability to consume a warm beverage and breakfast.

Several times throughout your day, especially if you feel tension mounting, stop and take five deep breaths, opening your awareness to what is going right in your life, in your day, in this moment.

Before falling asleep, think of the things that you are grateful for from this day. Even on a "bad day", one can focus on the simple positives of being alive.

Practicing gratitude over and over again in our daily lives, not only results in a more positive outlook in general, but is a pleasing endeavor in and of itself.

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