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Musings on Fear

It seems that many people are feeling fear at this moment in time. Fear can be a useful response or it can be the cause of chronic health problems if it doesn't enter and exit our system quickly. The fight or flight response is a vital force in maintaining our health and security. Most animals have an instinctual way of releasing the fight or flight response after it occurs, allowing the adrenal glands to rest and returning the body to homeostasis. When stress levels are high and we are not finding ways to thoroughly de-stress, we place an added burden on our adrenals. In five element theory, the adrenals are connected with the kidney/bladder system, which in turn is linked to the winter climate. In this healing system, winter is a time to rest, reflect, rejuvenate and de-stress. It can be a very rich time for holding up a mirror and looking within. Then when our spring arrives, and it will arrive, we are well positioned to burst forth into purposeful and wise action.

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