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Spring is Upon Us

As we enter fully into Spring, we allow ourselves to shed the layers of winter and open to the newness of life and rebirth. Looking to nature, I am awed by the changes all around me; birds singing and the fullness of buds wanting to flower, by green shoots sprouting in my garden and by the childlike energy of Spring everywhere. As this energy fills our beings we become more active and see endless possibilities for growth. We can be tempted to move hastily into this expansion, by being too active too quickly and not listening to our body's inner need for rest, by taking off additional layers of clothes and exposing our bodies to Spring's wind and rain, or by making an abrupt dietary change to Spring's lighter fare. This time of year, like all times, calls for mindfulness and a tuning into our bodies. As we leave Winter behind and expand outward we must not forget Winter's lessons; going inward and resting when our body or mind calls us in that direction, keeping ourselves warm in the unpredictable weather by dressing in layers and wearing a scarf around our neck, and not entirely abandoning winter's nourishing foods. Moving gently from Winter into Spring helps us to maintain our balance and stay healthy during this dramatic time of change.

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