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The Case for Longer Sessions

The longer I do this work, the more I realize that perhaps the biggest factor contributing to our discomfort is stress and exhaustion. We are all super busy, working hard, moving quickly from one task to the next, juggling a myriad of responsibilities, and ultimately depleting our energy reserves. Anxiety and depression have become increasingly common in our culture, so much so that these states of imbalance are often considered the norm. Committing to receive regular bodywork exemplifies a dedication to enhancing your well being. Giving yourself extra time to dwell in that deeply relaxing place, and to fully absorb the session, allows your body to better access your inner healing potential, thus more completely replenishing your body, mind and spirit. Depending on a number of factors, including your body size, tissue density, flexibility, stress and discomfort levels, along with your ability to manage your stress and symptoms through home practice, a longer session may be of particular benefit to you. Through the end of March I am offering the following discounts on your first longer session in order to encourage people to try this deeply healing experience:

Two Hour Session: $140 (save $20)

Three Hour Session: $210 (save $30)

Mention this write up to receive the discount on your first longer session through March 2016.

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