• Kelly Kempter

A Wise Approach to Autumn

Although Autumn is moving in slowly this year, if we watch closely we can sense her creeping into every aspect of our lives. From the closure of summer, despite the 80 degree weather, to the beginning of new endeavors; from the crispness in the air to the shortened days, we are being asked by nature to listen to these changes and nurture our bodies as we make this transition. For our bodies to be in harmony during this time of year we need to dress in layers so that we can respond quickly to the fickleness of the temperatures; we should keep rain gear and scarves handy in case of downpours or wind. Many of us notice an autumn fatigue and a desire for more sleep as the daylight hours diminish. We are wise to heed these signals and go to bed earlier, sleeping longer in the morning if possible. Taking extra downtime and learning how to say "no" are important aspects of a healthy Fall. Eating warmer, nourishing foods and drinking plenty of warm liquids are other ways we can be tuned into the season. We are more susceptible to getting sick during the change of season so we need to take extra care in nourishing ourselves. Wishing you a healthy and vibrant seasonal change!

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