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Renee Rutz

Renée Rutz, RCsT, LMT is methodical in her approach. She can delve into the details of an issue, exploring, questioning, sensing, aiming to find the root cause of imbalances in the body. It seems like she could easily spend 45 minutes on one part of my foot if that was what is called for. Then she can zoom out and look at the big picture; assessing how all of the pieces are connected together. In addition to her Craniosacral Therapy training, she has been in the bodywork business for many years and it shows in her work. She has a deep understanding of how of biomechanics and how the body functions as a unit as well as how each piece functions in relation to the whole. Her right/left brain approach seems balanced; she seems to work from the left brain as she tries to figure things out. Yet when she comes to stillness using Polarity Therapy and other energetic techniques, I can feel that she is plugged into my energetic field and that she's facilitating changes on a different level. Since I first presented with some foot/lower extremity issues, I know that she has deep knowledge of the functionality of the feet. Therefore, she is a great resource for anyone experiencing not only foot problems but any imbalances in the body that are causing discomfort or pain. In addition to the reflex points on the feet that connect to other structures in the body in the Chinese system, the feet are the basis of and the foundation of our being as bipeds. Thus, foot issues easily affect the rest of our body. Renee offers simple yet powerful self-care suggestions at the end of the session. I can feel the years of Renee's expertise through her touch as we work together to restore balance in my body.

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