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Rate Increase for 2018

As we move into 2018, I wish you a sense of renewal, peace and hope. As I reflect back on 2017 I am ever grateful for the honor of serving you this year, and in many cases, through the years. Your commitment to your well-being is inspiring and I feel blessed to be a part of your journey. I continue to grow from your presence in my practice and from the concerns that you bring for healing. I look forward to a continued partnership with you in 2018 and beyond.

As of 2018, I am raising my rates slightly. My new rates are as follows:

30 minutes $45.00

45 minutes $65.00

1 Hour $85.00

90 Minutes $125.00

2 Hour $165.00

3 Hour $250.00 What? A three hour session? Yes! Longer sessions can be more beneficial for releasing long-held patterns, allowing yourself to dwell in a state of profound relaxation, better accessing your inner healing potential, and replenishing your body’s energy reserves. If you would like to try a longer session to experience the difference yourself, I am offering an introductory rate on your first longer session:

90 Minutes $105.00

2 Hour $140.00

3 Hour $210.00 (morning sessions only)

I aim to make this work accessible; so if this rate change presents a hardship for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss options.

Please know that I appreciate you and the energy that flows between us. I feel blessed to have a bodywork practice that I love and to serve such fabulous and authentic human beings.

In Light and Gratitude,


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