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The Art of Presence: An Introduction to Thai Bodywork

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Join us this fall as we offer an introductory Thai Bodywork course:

Saturday October 26th 9-6 Sunday October 27th 9-6 $400 or register before October 12 and get the early bird discount: $350. TO REGISTER AND FOR MORE INFO. CONTACT Acquaint yourself with the amazing floor-based, healing arts practice of Thai Bodywork! *Learn to relax while using gravity and body weight to deliver firm and therapeutic pressure *Gain confidence in using a wide variety of stretching techniques while caring for and stretching your own body as well *Acquire a simple and effective Thai routine to offer to your clients, friends and family *Learn more about how to come into conscious presence through touch with another *Experience meditation as it relates to this traditional form of Bodywork This workshop is designed for beginners but all will benefit. Must be comfortable sitting and kneeling on the floor. What is Thai Bodywork? Sometimes described as "Lazy person's yoga," Traditional Thai Bodywork is an ancient healing art that developed in what is now Thailand and draws primarily from the Yogic and Chinese traditions. This powerful set of techniques interweaves concepts from acupressure and yoga. Deep compression is applied along energy lines, through which the body's vital force flows, inviting the release of toxins and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Thai Bodywork releases blocked energy and stimulates the body's innate healing potential, thus cultivating balance, health and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

For more information, visit our Facebook Event.

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