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National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. Aside from the qi (energy) that we were born with, there are three ways that we take in qi to keep us going on a daily basis: sleep, breath, and eating. The food that we ingest can be highly nourishing or can act as a slow poison. I find it astounding that we can go to a typical grocery store and at least 50% of the items there can hardly qualify as food. If we read the labels of most packaged and processed "foods" we will be challenged to recognize, or even pronouce, many, if not all of the ingredients. The overuse of engineered flavors and sugars, combined with the lack of clean, whole foods is not only hard on digestion, but over time, it compromises our entire system. When we simplify our busy schedules and make time to cook our food, using organic, local ingredients when possible, we are truly nourishing our health. When we take a few moments to appreciate our food and the life it gives us before we take our fist bite, when we chew slowly and mindfully, when we take a deep breath of gratitude after our meal, then we are combining the power of our minds with the strength of our body to truly maximize digestion and nourish our whole being from without and within. Eat well and enjoy the fruits of life!

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