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Barnes Myofascial Release with Kristen Diblassio

Barnes Method Myofascial Release is aimed at releasing the fascial system, addressing pain, and realigning the entire body. Fascia is a complex web of connective tissue in the body that unites each part, from the macro to the micro. It covers every cell, fiber, tissue, and organ; it forms an enveloping sheath just under our skin, giving us our outline and quite literally, holding us together. Due to the interconnectivity of this web, when there is a restriction or snare in the facial system, it can affect tissues at a distance. Myofascial Release techniques work directly with our fascia, which is often at the root of our symptoms, or at a minimum fascia is involved in our imbalances. Kristen DiBlassio, LMT who works out of Vie Spa on Ashley Street in downtown Ann Arbor, is one of the few Barnes Method Myofascial Release practitioners in town. When I received a session with her, she approached me in an open, curious way, first evaluating my alignment in detail before beginning the hands-on portion. Myofascial release is performed with the client wearing a bathing suit or similar outfit so that the practitioner can better see the fascial pulls in the body. Under Kristen’s skilled hands, my mind and body went into a deeply meditative state. I found myself in a place of lucid dreaming, where colors and sounds, sensations and thoughts arise and then descend into vast nothingness. I could feel the intense heat of Kristen’s hands gently inviting the individual fascial layers to release and let go. If you are having trouble with a stubborn problem, perhaps you have a fascial restriction that needs to be addressed. I highly recommend receiving a Barnes

session from Kristen; her patience and presence as the fascia unwinds are extraordinary.

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